A change in quantity supplied is brought about only

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Unformatted text preview: en supply curve. A change in quantity supplied is brought about only by a change in a good’s price. Section 2 The Supply Curve Shifts 121 05 (110-127) EMC Chap 05 Will You Live to Be 100? U 11/17/05 ? 4:52 PM sually, when we talk about supply, we mean the supply of goods and services. But can an advancement in technology increase the supply of people? One way to increase the supply of people in the world is to increase the length of life. For example, if people start living an average of 100 years instead of 70 years, it means more people in the world. Michael Rose, a biologist who studies the aging process, found a way to increase the average life span of a fruit fly. The average fruit fly lives for about 70 days, but Rose’s fruit flies live for 140 days. If Rose and other like-minded scientists can do for human beings what they have done for fruit flies, then people in the future may live longer lives. According to some scientists working in the area of aging, ages of 100 or 150 years are not...
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