A substantial improvement in your score could pave

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Unformatted text preview: t certainly it could be substantial. A substantial improvement in your score could pave the way to a good college in your future and everything else that may follow. The Best Use of Your Time So how should you proceed if you are now convinced that 2 hours of investing in yourself might bring a higher return than watching an additional 2 hours of television? With respect to either the SAT or ACT, you can go to the appropriate Web sites to see what the tests look like. Go to www.emcp.net/SAT for the SAT. For the ACT, go to www.emcp.net/ACT. We also strongly urge you to purchase one or two of the test preparation books (on the SAT and ACT) that you can find at almost any bookstore. Most of these test prep books not only provide you with sample tests, but with plenty of study material. Page 125 The thing to do once you have purchased these books is to study slowly and carefully. Don’t just take the sample tests and put the books away. You will also find sections in these books on grammar, vocabulary words, critical...
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