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Exh i bit visiting with friends 3 hours playing

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Unformatted text preview: substantially. EXH I BIT visiting with friends, 3 hours playing sports, 1 hour and 17 minutes reading, 2 hours and 45 minutes on the computer, 7 hours eating, 5 hours and 43 minutes doing household work, and 14 hours and 36 minutes watching television. Let’s focus on the 14 hours and 36 minutes a week watching television. Could we reallocate some of the TV time toward something that might provide us with a higher return (than watching television provides us)? For example, as a high school student, you might be thinking of attending college. Getting into a good college could be the stepping stone to a good-paying job in the future. According to recent data, college graduates earn substantially more over their lifetimes than those with only a high school diploma (see Exhibit 5-7). 5-7 Average Annual Earnings by Level of Education Not a high school graduate $18,826 High school graduate only $27,280 Some college, no degree $29,725 Associate’s degree $34,177 Bachelor’s degree degree $51,194 Master’s degree $6...
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