It follows that all three firms together will offer

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Unformatted text preview: ed of fans is 100, firm B’s is 150, and firm C’s is 200. It follows that all three firms together will offer 450 fans at a price of $50 per fan. This point is identified on the market supply curve in part (d). Suppose that only three suppliers of fans exist in the whole world: firm A, firm B, and firm C. At a price of $50 a fan, quantity supplied is 100 for firm A, 150 for firm B, and 200 for firm C. As a result, the market supply curve would have a point representing a price of $50 per fan and a market quantity supplied of 450 fans (100 150 200). EXAMPLE: Defining Terms 1. Define: a. supply b. law of supply c. direct relationship d. quantity supplied e. supply curve f. supply schedule 2. Use the term quantity supplied correctly in a sentence. Use the word supply correctly in a sentence. Reviewing Facts and Concepts 3. a. State the law of supply. b. Explain the direct relationship between the price of a good 116 Chapter 5 Supply To see this concept graphically, look at Exhibit 5-3 above. In parts (a) through (c) you see...
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