Now anyone can go to blogger at wwwbloggercomstart

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Unformatted text preview: g to the vast supply of blogs today. Now anyone can go to Blogger at and create a blog within minutes. No digital video recorder (sometimes called a personal video recorder) could exist before the software had been developed to provide programming information and encode data streams. The DVR is a new product brought to us through an advancement in technology, and by the entrepreneurs who saw that the television public wanted more control over their personal television viewing. again look at Exhibit 5-4 and focus on the horizontal axis and the numbers on it, along the bottom of the graph. What is the quantity supplied on curve S2 at the price of $1,000? The answer is 6,000 computers. In other words, an increase in supply (or a shift rightward in the supply curve) is the same thing as saying, “Sellers want to sell more of a good at each and every price.” In our 118 Chapter 5 Supply Podcasting, which delivers recorded audio programs through the Internet to iPods or other portable music players, would not exist without the software that makes it easy to beam a podcast from a home computer to s...
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