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Unformatted text preview: reading, writing an essay, and more. Read each section carefully, and then read it again. Do all the exercises. Then do them again. Take the sample tests. Then make sure you know what you got wrong on each sample test. Then take more sample tests. If you simply cut out 2 hours of television a week, and devote that time to studying for the SAT or ACT, you will be surprised how much you learn and how much you can boost your test score. ction Plan conomics A lE My Persona and some t to consider ts you may wan e are some poin tice: Her to put into prac you might want guidelines urs and 36 old spends 14 ho e 15- to 17-yeardo too, ❑ 1. The averag ch week watching television. If youn your TV ing dow minutes ea to consider cutt you might want then urs a week. viewing by 2 ho s/___ me by ___ hour sion watching ti televi I will reduce my y. minutes per da CT can for the SAT or A 0 hours studying ably high 10 ❑ 2. Spendingially increase your test score. A reasonu will be ty that yo substant se the probabili urs a ACT will i...
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