Wouldnt you say that people can supply different

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Unformatted text preview: can supply to a greater or lesser degree: niceness. Wouldn’t you say that people can supply different amounts of niceness? Think about your own behavior: You can be very nice to a person, moderately nice, a little nice, or not nice at all. What determines how much niceness you supply to people? (In other words, why are you nicer to some people than to others?) One factor that may determine how nice you are to someone is how much someone “pays” you to be nice. It may be a stretch, but think of yourself as selling niceness, in much the same way you might think of yourself selling shoes, T-shirts, corn, or computers. The quantity of each item you supply depends on how much the buyer pays you. If people want to buy niceness from you, what kind of payment will they offer? A person could come up to you and say, “I will pay you $100 if you will be nice to me,” but usually things don’t work that way. People Quantity supplied refers to the number of units of a good produced and offered for sale at a specific price. Let’s say that a seller will...
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