Working with graphs and tables 1 which bar a or b in

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Unformatted text preview: dividual to recognize the costs of globalization than the benefits? 10. Explain how increased globalization might lessen intolerance and conflict in the world. Working with Graphs and Tables 1. Which bar (A or B) in Exhibit 2-6 represents the annual average percentage change in output per person in the 1990s in less globalized countries? 2. Which bar (A or B) in Exhibit 2-6 represents the annual average percentage change in output per person in the 1990s in more globalized countries? EXH I BIT 1. Application. Do you think that a typical family operates more like a free enterprise economy or like a sot economy? Might different families operate differently? Explain your answers. 2. Analysis. What does the Adam Smith quotation “Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this—no dog exchanges bones with another” have to do with globalization? 3. Cause and Effect. In this chapter we identified three recent causes of globalization. Which of the three causes do you think played the biggest role in promoting globalization? Explain your answer. 4. Writing. Imagine two worlds. In the first, you live in a country that is open to other countries (when it comes to trade, movement of people, and so on). In the second world, the country is closed to all these things. Write a two-page essay explaining how your life would differ in the two worlds. 5. Economics in the Media. Find a recent newspaper or magazine article that addresses the issue of globalization in some way. Write a one-page essay summarizing the article. 6. Economics in the Media. Find a story on a television news show that addresses capitalism, som, private property, or global economic forces. Identify the major ideas of the story. Describe these ideas to your class in the form of a short televised news report. 2-6 Percent +6 +4 +2 0 –2 A B Go to and choose Economics: New Ways of Thinking, Chapter 2, if you need more help in preparing for the chapter test. Chapter 2 Economic Systems and the Global Economy 53...
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