For example with a spanish english translator you

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Unformatted text preview: lators are available on the Web. For example, with a Spanish-English translator, you simply key in a statement in English, then click “Free Translation,” and the statement is translated into Spanish. “Are you having a good morning?” becomes “¿Tiene usted un buenos días?” Suppose an English-toEconomics translator were available. How would various statements (that you might hear every day) be translated? Here are a few examples. Do you think it might be in your personal interest to learn to speak Economics? English She is very popular in school. Economics The demand to be around her is high relative to the demand to be around others. English We have to do more in Mr. Johnson’s class to get an A than we have to do in Mr. Meyer’s class to get an A. Economics The price to get an A in Mr. Johnson’s class is higher than the price to get an A in Mr. Meyer’s class. English I can’t get into that class, because it has no open spots. Economics The quantity demanded of seats in that class is greater than the quantity supplied, resulting in a shortage of seats in that class. English They did away with fast food at the school. Economics The supply of fast food at the school dropped to zero. market moves to point 2, where it is in equilibrium again. The new equilibrium price is $200. A decrease in the demand for a good will decrease price, all other things remaining the same. If you go to the Boston Red Sox Web site you will be able to buy tickets (that some ticket holders want to sell) for various games played at Fenway Park. On the day we checked, the price of a seat in EXAMPLE: English Jake can only come to the party if he brings some food; of course, Stephanie doesn’t have to bring anything. Economics The price is higher for Jake to attend the party than for Stephanie. English Do you want to dance? Economics I have a demand to be around you. Do you have a demand to be around me? English She broke up with me. Economics Her demand for me fell to zero. THINK ABOUT IT One purpose of these examples is to sho...
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