Heres what we found written about one professor all

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Unformatted text preview: ourses he wants to take. He can go to ratemyprofessors and find out. Once at the site, all he has to do is choose the state, the college, and then the professor. Here’s what we found written about one professor: “All we did was watch videos. What a hack.” And here’s what we found written about another: “Best class I’ve ever had. Her lectures are clear and she is always there to help you.” Caveat Emptor When it comes to buying goods and services, it is sometimes good to remember the saying “caveat emptor,” which means “let the buyer beware.” It means that you, as a buyer, have the responsibility of watching out for yourself. Sellers will not always tell you everything they think you want to know. A car salesperson isn’t likely to tell you how poorly the car you’re looking at did in the national crash tests. The surgeon isn’t likely to tell you that he has two disciplinary actions pending. The gas station isn’t likely to advertise that it Fact is, many of the companies that advertise “free” credit reports don’t deliver free credit reports. Often once at their sites they will try to get you to sign up for subscription-based services sold by credit bureaus. As of this writing, only one congressionally mandated site, AnnualCreditReport .com, provides a free credit report. Oddly enough, though, if you do a search of “free credit report” on the search engine Google, AnnualCredit doesn’t even make the first page of Google results. Action Plan l Economics My Persona me consider and so want to points you may Here are some practice. want to put into ines you might ly for guidel er and less cost eb makes it easi eb to Wide W ❑ 1. The Worldcome an informed consumer. Use theeW inkth you to be rvices you ar products and se learn about the . ing about buying hin the ine ______ wit ____ to determ __ I will research months. next six you with the illingly provide rill not always w ❑ 2. Sellers wion you may want before you make a pu ber: self. Remem informat atch out for your e. You have to w chas ware. let the buyer be caveat emptor— to se, I will ______ xt major purcha y ne decision. Before I make m a smart buying at I am mak...
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