Maybe there should be a law that after natural

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Unformatted text preview: ms to me that these people who raise prices dramatically after a natural disaster are profiting on human misery. They see someone in trouble, they see someone who has no choice but to pay the prices they charge, and they sock it to them. Maybe there should be a law that after natural disaster, no one can raise the price of anything for at least a month. I think I would be in favor of such a law. We shouldn’t allow some people to benefit because other people are in a miserable situation. M Doug Canterfield, salesman atrick talks as if price is only there to take money away from some and give to others. Price is a rationing device; that is what all economists teach you. If the demand for water or motel rooms or gasoline is high, and there is only so much supply, then something is going to have to ration these goods. What should the motel owner do? Ration by brute force: if you are stronger than someone else, you get the motel room? By appearance: the prettier you are the more likely you will get a room? Patrick seems to forget that price has a job to do and if we don’t let it do its job— which is rationing—something else is going to have to do the job. Patrick didn’t suggest what should become the rationing device for water, or gas, or motel rooms. He simply points a finger at sellers and scolds them. P Anabelle Roberts, high school student think some good points have been made on both sides of the issue. I guess I would argue that if people can help one another during a natural disaster, they should. If that means holding prices down, they ought to. After all, presumably the motel owners made money on the day before Hurricane Katrina hit by charging a certain daily rate. Why can’t they make money after the hurricane if they charge the same rate? I What Do You Think? 1. Who do you most nearly agree with? Why? 2. What are the strong points of the debate here? The weak points? Unit II The Basics 153...
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