United states he clicks on his state new york and

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Unformatted text preview: nd click on “cars for teen drivers.” He will then find a list of recommended cars that have advanced safety features and good crash-test results. United States. He clicks on his state, New York, and then on his city, Buffalo. Up pops a list of gasoline stations with gas prices per gallon listed. Comparing Prices Suppose Katherine wants to buy a television set. Instead of going from store to store to price sets, she can go to www.emcp.net/consumerworld. There she can click on the “Price Checker” for TV sets and in two seconds, she can see a list of 12 or more stores (in her area) that are willing to sell her the TV she is looking at, each listing its price for the TV set. Suppose Ivan wants to find where he can get gas for as little as possible. He can go to www.emcp .net/firstgov and click on “Find Cheapest Gas Prices.” On his next screen he will see a map of the Background Checks Suppose Melissa is thinking about having a medical operation. She wants to know something about the surgeon who is planning to do the operation. What’s his education? Is he a good surgeon? Is he board certified? Have there been any disciplinary actions taken against him? All she needs to do is go to www.emcp.net/ healthgrades and click on “Physician Quality Reports.” There she can purchase (for about $8) a full report on her surgeon. If you want to get the best deal possible, you have to do some research. 148 Chapter 6 Price: Supply and Demand Together College Information Suppose it is Oliver’s first year at college and he wants to know what students at his 06 (128-153) EMC Chap 06 11/21/05 3:14 PM Page 149 With so much valuable information available on the Web, there are no excuses for making poor buying decisions. has some of the highest gas prices in the county. Many companies will advertise that you can get a “free” credit report from them. An ad might read: “Want to know what your credit report says. Come to our Web site and you’ll get a free credit report in minutes.” college think about some of the professors whose c...
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