6 total population 145 million noninstitutional adult

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Unformatted text preview: ar 1 and 132 in year 2. By what percentage have prices fallen? 6. Total population 145 million; noninstitutional adult civilian population 135 million; persons not in the labor force 10 million; unemployed persons 7 million. Using these data, compute the following: a. The unemployment rate b. The employment rate c. The civilian labor force Solving Economic Problems 1. Cause and Effect. Does a higher GDP cause higher prices, or do higher prices cause a higher GDP? Explain your answer. 2. Writing. Find a recent copy of the Economic Report of the President in your library or on the Web at www.emcp.net/economicreport. Click on “Downloadable Reports/Tables.” Next, click the most recent year under “Downloadable Entire Reports.” The report contains chapters on different economic topics. Choose one of the chapters to read; then write a two-page paper that briefly explains the content of the chapter. 3. Economics in the Media. Find a story or article in your local newspaper that addresses one of the following: GDP, real GDP, CPI, unemployment rate, consumption spending, investment spending, or government spending. Explain what was said in the story or article. Go to www.emcp.net/economics and choose Economics: New Ways of Thinking, Chapter 11, if you need more help in preparing for the chapter test. Chapter 11 Measuring Economic Performance 309...
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