Breakdown of the total us population by population

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Unformatted text preview: Think of different people you know and try to determine which category they are currently in. Breakdown of the Total U.S. Population by Population Employment Status Employment Status 1. Persons under 16 2. Persons in the armed forces 3. Persons institutionalized Total population Not in labor force Noninstitutional adult civilian population Employed Civilian labor force Unemployed The Unemployment and Employment Rates The unemployment rate is the percentage of the civilian labor force that is unemployed. It is equal to the number of unemployed persons divided by the civilian labor force. Unemployment rate Unemployed persons/Civilian labor force For example, if the civilian labor force totals 10 million, and the number of persons unemployed is 1 million, then the Defining Terms 1. Define: a. price index b. consumer price index c. aggregate demand curve d. aggregate supply curve e. unemployment rate f. employment rate Reviewing Facts and Concepts 2. Suppose the CPI was 143 in year 1 and 132 in year 2....
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