Notice at the far left of the exhibit the total

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Unformatted text preview: which shows the employment status of the entire United States population. Notice at the far left of the exhibit the total population, which is then divided into two broad groups. One group consists of persons under 16 years of age, “The study of economics won’t necessarily keep you in the armed forces, or in a out of the unemployment mental or correctional facility. The other group, which consists line, but at least if of all others in the total populayou’re there, you’ll tion, is called the noninstituunderstand why.” tional adult civilian population. — Anonymous 306 Chapter 11 Measuring Economic Performance comparison. It is like comparing apples with oranges. To make an accurate and reasonable comparison, we need to convert the gross receipts for all movies (no matter what year the movie was released) into today’s dollars. When we do, Titanic falls from the top of the list. In fact, it falls all the way to sixth place. The top-grossing movie of all time in the United States turns out to be Gone with the Wind, which...
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