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Unformatted text preview: rts at the stock market page, then why do you think some people still pay the experts to pick stocks for them? Section 1 Stocks 439 16 (428-459) EMC Chap 16 11/18/05 9:34 AM Page 440 f you want to find the current price of a particular stock, go to Yahoo! Finance at stockprices. At the top of the page you will find a search box. Put the symbol in the box and click GO. If you don’t know the symbol for the stock, click “Symbol Lookup.” Also, the homepage of Yahoo! Finance lets you know how the DJIA is doing. If you want to find the current price of commodities, metals (gold and silver), and other such things, go to at and click on “Market Data.” The left side of the page provides selections from which to choose. Finally, a good investment dictionary and education site on investing can be found at at www.emcp .net/investing. See the top of the page for various topics. I page in the newspaper. (Keep in mind that many newspapers are online.) You will see something similar to what you see in Exhibit 16-4. The descriptions that follow focus on the last stock (in bold type) as an example. How to Read the Stock Market Page Suppose you purchased some stock and now you want to find out how it is doing. Is it rising or falling in price? Is it paying a dividend? How many shares were traded today? One of the places you can find the answers to these questions, and more, is the newspaper. Turn to the stock market 440 Chapter 16 Stocks and Bonds 52W high. This column provides the high price of the stock during the past year or past 52 weeks. For our example stock, you see the number “51.25,” which is $51.25. • 52W low. This column provides the low price of the stock during the past 52 weeks. For our example stock, you see the number “27.69,” which is $27.69. • Stock. In this column you see “Rockwell,” which is either an abbreviation of the name of the company or the full name of the company whose stock you are studying. The company here is Rockwell Automation Incorporated. • For example,...
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