Physics 30 June 2000 Diploma Exam

As the boys move apart larry has a b c d more momentum

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Unformatted text preview: mplifier (AC source) At a particular volume setting, a stereo amplifier applies a maximum voltage of 30.0 V across each of two 8.00 Ω speakers. 11. The effective current in each speaker at this setting is A. B. C. D. 1.88 A 2.65 A 3.75 A 5.30 A Use your recorded answer for Multiple Choice 11 to answer Numerical Response 5.* Numerical Response 5. The average power dissipated in each speaker at this setting, expressed in scientific notation, is b × 10w W. The value of b is __________. (Record your three-digit answer in the numerical-response section on the answer sheet.) *You can receive marks for this question even if the previous question was answered incorrectly. 7 Use the following information to answer the next two questions. Air Cleaner Transformer and AC to DC converter + – X Y Dirty air Clean air Fan Pre-filter Electrostatic precipitator Carbon filter One type of air cleaner uses a single-stage electrostatic precipitator to remove very fine particles, such as cigarette smoke and pollen, from the air in a room. The first grid, marked as X in the diagram, removes electrons from the particles through a combination of friction and electrostatic action. The particles pass through grid X and leave with a positive charge. The positively charged particles are then removed from the air stream by a negatively charged grid, marked as Y in the diagram. This cleaner also contains a pre-filter and a carbon filter to help remove dust and odours. 12. When particles are between grids X and Y, they are repelled by A. B. C. D. grid X and each other, but are attracted to grid Y grid Y and each other, but are attracted to grid X grid X but are attracted to each other and grid Y grid Y but are attracted to each other and grid X 8 13. An electric field of magnitude 7.17 × 104 N/C is maintained between the grids of the electrostatic precipitator. The distance between grids X and Y is 5.60 cm. The potential difference across grids X and Y is A. 1.28 × 106 V B. 4.02 × 105 V C. 1.28 × 104 V D. 4.02 × 103 V Use the following information...
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