Physics 30 June 01 Diploma Exam

B c d the speed of light is constant light energy is

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Unformatted text preview: h light Use the following information to answer the next question. Data Recorded in a Photoelectric Effect Experiment I The number of photoelectrons emitted each second II The maximum kinetic energy of the emitted photoelectrons III The charge on each of the emitted photoelectrons 30. The intensity of a light source that causes photoelectric emission is increased while the frequency of the light source is kept constant. This increase will result in an increase in A. I only B. C. D. II only I and II only II and III only 19 Use the following information to answer the next six questions. A sample of iodine-131 has an initial mass of 76.0 mg. The activity of the sample is measured and the amount of iodine-131 remaining in the sample is determined. The following graph was obtained. Mass of Iodine-131 Versus Elapsed Time Mass of Iodine - 131 (mg) 80.0 70.0 60.0 50.0 40.0 30.0 20.0 10.0 0.0 0.0 5.0 10.0 15.0 Time (days) 20.0 25.0 A particular nucleus of iodine-131 decays by emitting a beta particle that travels at 2.34 × 105 m/s and gamma radiation that has a wavelength of 5.36 × 10–12 m. Extra momentum and kinetic energy are carried off by a neutrino. 31. The half-life of iodine-131 is A. 8.0 days B. C. D. 12.0 days 16.0 days 24.0 days 20 Use your recorded answer from Multiple Choice 31 to answer Numerical Response 10.* Numerical Response 10. After 48.0 days the amount of iodine-131 that remains in the sample is __________ mg. (Record your three-digit answer in the numerical-response section on the answer sheet.) *You can receive marks for this question even if the previous question was answered incorrectly. 32. The energy emitted as gamma radiation during the transmutation of an iodine-131 nucleus is A. 3.55 × 10– 4 5 J B. C. D. 2.68 × 10–27 J 1.24 × 10–22 J 3.71 × 10–14 J Use the following additional information to answer the next question. The momentum of the gamma ray photon and the beta particle can be calculated. The momentum of a gamma ray photon (γ ) is determined by the equation p=h λ 33. For the decay of iodine-131, the relationship between the magnitude of the momentum of the gamma ray photon (pγ ) and the magnitude of the momentum of the beta particle (pβ) can be represented by the equation A. pγ = –pβ B. pγ = pβ C. pγ = (1.72 × 10–3) × pβ D. pγ = (5.80 × 102) × pβ 21 34. The equation for this radioactive decay is A. B. C. D. 35. 131 53 131 53 131 53 131 53 I→ 127 I→ 132 I→ 132 I→ 131 51 54 53 54 Sb + beta + gamma + neutrino Xe + beta + gamma + neutrino I + beta + gamma + neturino Xe + beta + gamma + neutrino To protect lab technicians from harmful radiation, the equipment used in this experiment should be shielded with A. B. C. D. lead to stop the γ radiation paper to stop the β particles an electric field to stop the γ radiation a magnetic field to stop the β particles Numerical Response 11. An X-ray tube operates at an electrical potential difference of 1.00 × 105 V. The minimum wavelength of the X-ray radiation it produces, expressed in scientific notation, is b × 10–w m. The v...
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