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Physics 30 Jan 01 Diploma Exam

Numerical response 10 an ultraviolet source emits

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Unformatted text preview: e-digit answer in the numerical-response section on the answer sheet.) 15 15 Use the following information to answer the next two questions. The different colours seen in exploding fireworks are produced using different elements. Element Strontium Barium Copper Sodium 22. Red Green Blue-Green Yellow-Orange Given the information above, the element that emits the lowest energy photon of visible light is A. B. C. D. 23. Predominant Colour strontium barium copper sodium The colours are emitted by electrons that are A. B. C. D. undergoing transitions to higher energy levels undergoing transitions to lower energy levels oscillating between energy levels emitted by the nucleus 16 16 24. The energy gained by a proton that moves through a potential difference of 1.0 V is A. B. C. D. 1.0 J 1.0 eV 6.3 × 1018 J 1.6 × 10–19 eV Numerical Response 11. A metal has a work function of 2.91 × 10–19 J. Light with a frequency of 8.26 × 1014 Hz is incident on the metal. The stopping voltage is __________V....
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