Physics 30 Jan 01 Diploma Exam

The direction of the particles motion remains

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Unformatted text preview: re A. B. C. D. 5. I and III I and IV II and III II and IV I and III I and IV II and III II and IV The direction of the uniform magnetic field in diagram 2 is A. B. C. D. toward the top of the page toward the bottom of the page to the left of the page to the right of the page 5 Use the following information to answer the next four questions. A student is given a circuit and a voltmeter. A schematic diagram of the circuit is shown below. Switch 1.00 × 10 Ω 3 A 6.00 V Battery D B AC R1 AE E C H R2 F G With the switch closed, the student records the following observations. Ammeter readings AC = 2.73 mA AE = 1.64 mA Voltmeter readings between 6. A and B = 6.00 V C and H = 3.27 V The student connects the voltmeter to the circuit at two points. A connection that produces a reading other than 3.27 V is at A. points D and E B. points D and H C. points F and G D. points G and H 6 7. The current through point F is A. B. C. D. 8. The value of the unknown resistor R1 is A. B. C. D. 9. 1.09 mA 1.64 mA 2.73 mA 4.36 mA 1.20 × 103 Ω 1.99 × 103 Ω 3....
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