Physics 30 Jan 01 Diploma Exam

The reader has no difficulty following the strategy

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Unformatted text preview: onse may be open to interpretation and may lack support. • The student provides a solution in which he/she has made some progress toward answering the question. − Statements made in the response lack support. • The student provides a solution that begins to answer the question. • The student provides a solution that is invalid for the major concepts addressed by the question. Excellent 4 Good 3 Satisfactory 2 Limited 1 Poor 0 Insufficient NR No response is given. i Use the following information to answer the next question. In a physics demonstration, a student inflates a balloon by blowing into it. The end of the balloon is then tied. The balloon is rubbed with fur and develops an electrostatic charge. The balloon is placed against the ceiling and released. It remains “stuck” to the ceiling. The teacher then presents the following challenges to the students: • explain how the balloon received the electrostatic charge • explain why the balloon is attracted to the ceiling • provide a procedure that would determine if the charge on the b...
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