Meaning in Life Essay

Imagine that sisyphus as richard taylor presents in

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Unformatted text preview: xperiencing any gain. Rolling stones is not a task that Sisyphus wants to do nor is it a task that yields any objective worth. Thus, the myth represents a perpetual cycle that brings no meaning to Sisyphus’ existence. However, can changing Sisyphus’ view on the monotonous task make his life meaningful? What if he miraculously fell in love with rolling stones up the mountain? Imagine that Sisyphus, as Richard Taylor presents in The Meaning of Life, is injected with a drug that makes him love rolling stones. Then, according to the subjectivist view, Sisyphus would have a meaningful life. Taylor, along with other subjectivists, believes that meaning arises when people do what makes them happy regardless of the nature of the passion. The passion need not be objectively moral or have significant worth. Sisyphus, although rolling stones does not contribute to anything larger than himself, still leads a meaningful life for he is doing what he loves: rolling stones. The feeling one receives from a task is all that matters when ascertaining fulfillment and meaning from the perspective of a subjectivist. For a subjectivist, it is not the product of peopl...
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