Meaning in Life Essay

The argument is similar to climbing a ladder in which

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Unformatted text preview: tivist view or the objectivist view. I will begin with an explanation of Taylor’s subjective view and gradually change the conditions of the Sisyphus myth until it is refined to Wolf’s view. The argument is similar to climbing a ladder in which the bottom rung represents meaningless existence and the top rung represents Wolf’s meaningful existence, each rung being an amendment to the myth of Sisyphus. Throughout the climb, I will expose the complications inherent with Richard Taylor’s subjective view and Peter Singer’s objective view of what constitutes a meaningful existence. In order to understand a meaningful life, we must start at the bottom rung and first describe what makes a meaningless life by explaining the original myth of Sisyphus. The myth is arguably the main, and most commonly alluded to, prototype that depicts the meaningless of life. In this myth, Sisyphus’ life revolves around trying to push stones over a mountain peak. Every time, Sisyphus can’t quite reach the peak and the stone falls back down the mountainside, preventing Sisyphus from ever completing his goal. Therefore, Sisyphus must restart again and again, never e...
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