Death and the Deprivation of Life Essay

Now at the time of her death she can still remember

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Unformatted text preview: that, unlike posthumous nonexistence, prenatal nonexistence does not deprive people of life simply because it would be impossible for a person to be born any time significantly earlier. Besides the two months that premature labor permits, “anyone born substantially earlier…would have been someone else” (Nagel 183). Therefore, people would not be deprived of any life having been born substantially earlier, because that life would not be their own. An earlier birth changes identity. Rosenbaum presents an argument in which he explains that the time of death and the time of birth are equally essential to identity. However, time of death has no impact on identity and can thus still be considered a deprivation of life. Suppose a person is told that he or she will die in one day. However, a miracle happens and the person ends up surviving one more year. Now, at the time of her death, she can still remember tha...
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