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Fall 2011 – Midterm Study Guide

Diabetes review powerpoint notes what is glucose

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Unformatted text preview: r you? What are some food sources? Which type of fibre: Improves cholesterol? Improves blood sugar control? Is good for bowel health? Helps with weight maintenance? What are the allowed artificial sweeteners in Canada? Are they any concerns with their use? PHED 2007 – Introductory Nutrition _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Diabetes Review powerpoint notes What is glucose homeostasis? Which hormones are crucial for blood sugar levels? How does glucose homeostasis work? What happens when blood sugar is high? When it is low? When is diabetes diagnosed? When is prediabetes diagnosed? What are the potential long ­term effects of poorly controlled blood sugar? What is insulin resistance? What are the important nutrition principles in managing diabetes? What diet suggestions would you give someone with diabetes? 12. Science of Nutrition Review reading answers (posted on Bb under Tasks and Assigned Readings) How can you find credible, reliable nutrition information? What are good sources? What are poor sources? Review research designs 13. Lipids Review powerpoint notes What are the major categories of lipids? Which are unhealthy? What are the associated health consequences? Which are healthy? What do they do/reduce risk of? What are some food sources of each? TRIGLYCERIDES Saturated PHOSPHOLIPIDS Unsaturated Monounsaturated CHOLESTEROL TRANS FAT Polyunsaturated Omega ­6: LA Omega ­3s Omega ­3: ALA Omega ­3: EPA, DHA...
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