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Food labels review powerpoint notes what nutrients

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Unformatted text preview: erpoint notes and DRI tables in textbook Who were the DRIs developed for use with? What are the four categories of DRI recommendations? What are they used for? Know how to use the DRI tables to determine recommended intake or upper limit based on age and gender 8. Food Labels Review powerpoint notes What nutrients MUST be on a food label? Which nutrients do you want less of? Which do you want more of? What are the criteria for nutrient claims: Micronutrients: source, good source (high in), excellent source (very high in) Fibre: source, good source (high in), excellent source (very high in) What are the allowed diet claims? 9. Digestive System Review powerpoint notes and textbook diagram; do practice questions Know anatomy: mouth anus and all those organs/sections in between Be familiar with digestive enzymes: Where do they act? What do they digest? Which nutrients are absorbed (i.e., what form do they have to be broken down to) and where are they absorbed? 10. Carbohydrates Review powerpoint notes What are the categories of carbohydate? Be familiar with monosaccharides and which make up the common disaccharides? What are the two types of fibre? Why is fibre good fo...
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