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When is it appropriate to use when is bmi not

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Unformatted text preview: the major causes of death in Canada? Which are nutrition ­related? Body Composition and Weight Review powerpoint notes What is BMI? When is it appropriate to use? When is BMI not appropriate? How do you calculate BMI? What are the WHO cutoffs? What additional measures can be used to assess body composition? What are the cutoffs for waist circumference? Weight Control Review powerpoint notes What are effective strategies for long ­term, maintainable weight loss? What are the pros and cons of some “fad” diets? When is bariatric surgery appropriate? Is it effective? What are the pros and cons? What advice would you give someone who wanted to lose weight? PHED 2007 – Introductory Nutrition _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Energy Balance Review powerpoint notes and energy calculations sheet; do practice questions What contributes to Estimated Energy Requirement? What factors can increase or decrease EER? Practice calculating EER and calories from food items, weight loss and caloric deficit calculations 7. Nutrient Recommendations Review pow...
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