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Walmart Sustainability

Automotive 3 home furnishings 2 walmarts

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Unformatted text preview: al system for measuring associate involvement in sustainability did not exist, which meant that individuals were forced to try distinguishing their sustainability-related contributions against largely subjective criteria. LOOKING FORWARD At the end of 2006, Ruben and Elm estimated that the profits generated by the sustainability strategy’s quick wins in the first year were roughly equivalent to the profits from several SuperCenters (see Exhibit 9). They saw an overwhelmingly large array of opportunities that remained untapped, and resolved to continue to identify and pursue the opportunities with greatest environmental benefits and business value. Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy (A) OIT-71A p. 25 Exhibit 1 Directional Results from Walmart’s Environmental Impact Assessment Overall Impact Operations 4% Capital 4% Food 50% Non-Food Merchandise 42% Impact by Product Category Within Non-Food Merchandise Textiles 5% Chemicals/ Cleaning 5% Lawn/ Garden 5% Paper Supplies 4% Electronics/ Appliances 4% Pharmacy 4% Health & Beauty 2% Other 64% Housewares/ Hardware 2% Source: Compiled by authors based on information by Walmart. Automotive 3% Home Furnishings 2% Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy (A) OIT-71A p. 26 Exhibit 2 Walmart’s 14 Sustainable Value Networks Global Greenhouse Gas Strategy Alternative Fuels Renewable Energy Energy, Design Construction & Maintenance Global Logistics Operations & Internal Procurement Zero Waste Packaging Textiles Electronics Food & Ag Sustainable Products Forest & Paper Chemical Intensive Products Jewelry Seafood China Source: Information provided by Walmart. Exhibit 3 Walmart’s Sustainable Value Network Structure SUPPLIER THOUGHT SUPPLIER LEADER THOUGHT LEADER INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE VALUE SUSTAINABLE NETWORK SAM’S CLUB SAM’S CLUB VALUE NETWORK GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION GOVERNMENT GO THOUGHT LEADER ORGANIZATION THOUGHT LEADER THOUGHT LEADER SUPPLIER THOUGHT LEADER WAL-MART ACADEMIC THOUGHT LEADE...
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