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Exhibit 6 sample network goals textiles quick wins

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Unformatted text preview: om Iraq and Kuwait combined. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Source: From Walmart’s Sustainability DVD (version 1.0) and other publicly available sources. Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy (A) OIT-71A p. 29 Exhibit 5 How Networks Drive Sustainability Goals FROM Today’s Business Practices Using comp ay to th athw ble P ate a race aina Sust ces to cre fo r etitive Innovation Projects Quick Wins 1 – 3 yrs <1yr • Fossil fuel dependence • Waste in many forms • Products that don’t account for full costs to society • Unintended negative consequences for our customers and business • Actions that make business sense based on available technologies, products, and processes • Opportunities that make sense based on emerging technology, processes, and innovation e to p Big Game Change Ongoing TO Sustainable Business Practices • Use 100% renewable energy • Produce zero waste • Changing the “rules of the game” to tilt the playing field to favor sustainable practices, in areas where we can lead, so that the market works for sustainability, not against it • Sell products that sustain our resources and environment • A win for society and a win for business Source: Information provided by Walmart. Exhibit 6 Sample Network Goals (Textiles) Quick Wins Innovation Projects Big Game Changer Messaging Simple, clear, compelling communication about sustainability to customers Organic Cotton Project Incorporate organic products into our assortment to broaden our customer appeal. Supply Chain Improvement Education/Training Educating internal associates and engaging external stakeholders Post-Purchase Care Care Instruction Rewrite (collab. w/ Chemical Intensive Products Netw.) Alternative Fibers Explore additional types of sustainable fibers such as, recycled yarns, bamboo etc. Recovered Raw Materials recycled + post processing material Packaging Shift Home products & post-consumer waste in hangtags, POP, PDQs, etc. (collab. w/ Packaging network) Dye & Process Chemical Inputs Lower toxicity/impact chemicals Sou...
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