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Walmart Sustainability

Hp encountered trouble of this nature when greenpeace

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Unformatted text preview: compliance deal work, Walmart accepted the additional risk and committed to buying 30,000 units. The company’s first RoHS-compliant product sold extremely well based on its quality and price. However, Walmart did not promote its environmentally friendly characteristics. Cook explained: “There wasn’t a way that we felt comfortable promoting it at that time, since RoHS compliance meant nothing to U.S. consumers. We also had to take into account that RoHS standards are self-policing, so there’s a little risk from a PR perspective. What if we went out and promoted it and found out that [the supplier] had missed something? Because frankly, we were taking their word for it.” HP encountered trouble of this nature when Greenpeace issued a September 2006 report indicating that it had conducted independent testing and discovered Deca-BDE in HP laptops, even though HP claimed to have phased out this hazardous substance several years earlier.35 Shortly after Walmart made its first purchase of RoHS-compliant computers, it started to ask other computer manufacturers for RoHS-compliant products. Before long, many of them informed Walmart that they were switching all of their U.S. customers to products meeting RoHS standards. “There were efficiencies to be gained from purchasing all of the materials in larger quantities, running one line instead of two, and reducing inventory. It ended up changing the entire industry and the way other product is coming into the United States,” said Phillips. “By July 2006, which was actually when the European mandate took effect, every computer that we bought and every monitor that we acquired from every supplier was RoHS-compliant,” said Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy (A) OIT-71A p. 15 Cook, despite that fact that there was still no such mandate in the U.S. The network also had started working on meeting RoHS standards for its TVs. E-waste E-waste brought the network greater trial and error. Initially, the team tried to leverage return centers within the stores to run rec...
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