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Walmart Sustainability


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Unformatted text preview: million dollars in freight costs alone, reduced fuel use by 5,975 gallons, and eliminated over 66 tons of CO2 emissions. (See Exhibit 13.) Source: Compiled based on information from Walmart and publicly available sources. Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy (A) OIT-71A p. 35 Endnotes 1 “Environmental Group Moves in Near Walmart,” The Commercial Appeal, July 16, 2004, p. D4. Lee Scott, “Twentieth Century Leadership,” October 24, 2005, http://www.walmartstores.com/Files/21st%20Century%20Leadership.pdf (January 29, 2007). 3 “Tough Talk and Soothing Speech: Managing Reputations for Being Tough and for Being Good,” Corporate Reputation Review, 1999, p. 317. 4 Ibid., p. 318. 5 Richard Halverson, “Big Three Take High Road on Environmental Front,” Discount Store News, March 18, 1991, http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m3092/is_n6_v30/ai_10516083 (January 11, 2007). 6 Jill Meredith Ginsberg and Paul N. Bloom, “Choosing the Right Green Marketing Strategy,” MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall 2004, http://sloanreview.mit.edu/smr/issue/2004/fall/12/ (January 31, 2007). 7 Halverson, op. cit. 8 “Walmart Timeline,” Walmartstores.com, http://walmartstores.com/GlobalWMStoresWeb/navigate.do?catg=6 (November 28, 2006). 9 Nadav Malin and Jessica Boehland, “Every Day Low … Impact?” Sustainablebusiness.com, http://www.sustainablebusiness.com/features/feature_template.cfm?ID=1311 (November 28, 2006). 10 Scott, op. cit. 11 Charles Fishman, “The Walmart You Don’t Know,” December 2003, FastCompany, http://www.fastcompany.com/online/77/walmart.html (November 28, 2006). 12 “Walmart’s Supply Chain Management Practices (B),” Center for Management Research, http://www.icmr.icfai.org/casestudies/catalogue/Operations/OPER028.htm (November 28, 2006). 13 Fishman, op. cit. 14 Marc Gunther, “The Green Machine,” Fortune, July 31, 2006, http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2006/08/07/8382593/index.htm (November 28, 2006). 15 Walmart Response, Carbon Di...
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