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Walmart Sustainability

These initiatives involve walmart but often change

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Unformatted text preview: come, and we look at developing a pathway to get from where we are today to that desired future state. We call that the sustainable pathway, which is made up of projects of different sizes. We've got quick wins that the business and stakeholders can immediately go after. We have innovation projects, which may take one to three years. These initiatives involve Walmart, but often change entire industries. Then we also identify game changers. Game changers would be pursued on an ongoing basis and were intended to result in a radical departure from traditional business practices (see Exhibit 5). Elm used the revolution of container cargo shipping in the mid-1950s to set the bar for magnitude of impact expected from a game changer.d Each network was asked to define six quick wins, at least two innovation projects, and one game changer. (See Exhibit 6 for a sample from the textiles network.) Global Logistics In the early phases of the program, some networks, such as Global Logistics, were able to leverage existing programs to hit the ground running. Tim Yatsko, network captain for that team, described his approach: “Just being in transportation means you’re in the fuel efficiency business. So when Lee [Scott] defined the company’s sustainability goals, we quickly formalized our fuel efficiency processes and rolled them into the business sustainability strategy of the company.” While Elm concurred that the logistics team already had been making good progress, he commented that information from network partners led them to adopt much more ambitious goals. “The value of the network approach is that the goals grew as the spirit of the possible grew. The involvement of groups like Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in our logistics program had a tremendous impact on how much and how quickly Walmart recognized it could drive change. Initially, the logistics team was going after incremental gains, for example improving the efficiency of Walmart’s fleet by a few percent over several years. But now they plan to double it within 10 years,” he said. Swisher added, “You have to give Walmart credit for being open-minded and willin...
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