Walmart Sustainability

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Unformatted text preview: rce: Information provided by Walmart. Collaborate with our Network Members to build capacity for efficient, sustainable manufacturing Walmart’s Sustainability Strategy (A) OIT-71A p. 30 Exhibit 7 Sample Product Questionnaire for Buyers (Electronics) Product Packaging: 1. What percentage of product packaging is postconsumer recycled content? ________ 2. What are the primary packaging materials? (Please identify approximate percentage by material type.) ______________________________________________________________ 3. Complete the product packaging scorecard available at <insert URL>. Enter resulting score: _____ Product Certifications: 4. Is the product certified/recognized by any of the following programs? Please provide a copy of the certification/license/listing. Energy Star TCO Development Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Please specify: □ Bronze □ Silver □ Gold Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Green Seal Environmental Choice European Union Flower Blue Angel Nordic Swan Other (Please specify: ____________) Product Recycling and Takeback: 5. Does the manufacturer offer a take-back program so consumers can easily return the product for reuse, remanufacturing or recycling? Yes No Limited (Please explain: _____________________) If yes, what is the additional cost to the consumer? __________ 6. Are all of the product components clearly labeled to facilitate product disassembly and recycling? Yes No 7. Can any hazardous components be easily separated from the other materials to facilitate product recycling? Yes No 8. Is the product designed for easy disassembly by recycling facilities using standard industry tools? Yes No Energy Consumption: 9. What is the total energy consumption when the device is in each of the following modes: a) ______ (watts) in the “off” setting b) ______ (watts) in the “standby” or “sleep” mode c) ______ (watts) in the fully operational mode 10. What is the default time limit before the unit automatically powers...
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