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Unformatted text preview: erials • • Textbook: Statistics for Business by Stine and Foster Computer software: JMP 9, available at (3-year license for $59.95) Make sure to select your platform (Windows/Mac). The software will also be used in Stat 102. If you have a Mac or any version of Windows you should have no problems. Here, too, you can save the money by just working on public Wharton computers, all of which have JMP installed. If the textbook is not sufficient, you may consult other books, such as “The Practice of Business Statistics” by Moore, McCabe, Duckworth and Sclove, or “Statistics” by Freedman, Pisani and Purves. Homework • • There will be about 10 homework assignments. Homeworks will be assigned on Canvas and will usually be due a week later. They will not be accepted late except for valid reasons. Back up your work frequently on a data stick, so you can submit it from a Wharton computer if yours breaks down. • Hand in a stapled paper copy of your solutions in the Statistics Department (JMHH, 4th floor, turn right exiting from the elevator) in the box marked with your section (not in class and not to the TAs). • If you are unable to submit your homework for any reason (computer broken, health problem, …), send emergency e-mail to either TA or your instructor. • Your solutions must have on the cover page your o Name o Section and Time o Professor • Homework is designed to teach, and you are encouraged to seek help from the instructor and the TAs if yo...
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