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2012 learning to cope with stressors cort and learning

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Unformatted text preview: anda Hund Amanda Hund Alan Wilson Amanda Hund Alan Wilson Amanda Hund Alan Wilson Decrease Increase Offspring feeding rate Nestwatch.org Parents raising larger broods had higher cort levels Change in cort Hormones can help to influence the rate at which behaviors are expressed Bonier et al. 2009 CorJcosterone (GC) Cort and the response to stress stressor Xx X X X Time Fotolia.com Blocking cort hampers escape behavior Replacing cort in blocked lizards restores normal escape behavior Flee sooner Control x Cort blocked Flee later Thaker et al. 2012 Learning to cope with stressors Cort and learning Cold water trained -   Beker at remembering plalorm locaJon -   Mild stressor: elevated cort Cort blocked prior to cold water training: perform worse Warm water trained -   Worse at remembering plalorm locaJon Cort supplemented prior to warm water training: perform beker Akirav et al. 2004 Stronger cort responders take longer to return to the nest in the presence of a...
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