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Unformatted text preview: h ctwo treatments. hite p a significant effect of cish chemical isolation based on thebove each 0-value (see That there are snearest f Different letters a pairwise bar indicate t able 1) to the ignificant are means + 1 SE. * indicates population without fish.means.ars in the graph are means +1 SE. barsrepresentrhe difference ipopulationn(the two treatments.Shown a on feeding t ates within a n feeding i P < 0.05), *** indicates differences between The b *fish chemical ignificant <ffect of fish chemical Different letters above each bar indicate that there are significant are ighly significant indicates a s effect (P e 0.001). hmeans + 1 SE. Popns Without Fish Popns with Fish •  Ephemeral streams •  Permanent streams •  Weak •  Strong an2 ­predator an2 ­predator o ithin a population between means. b n = 133, x behavior differencesthan without fish (ehavior = 1.013, SE = 0.03; F hn feeding rates wish chemical effect ((P < 0.05), *** indicat...
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