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Unformatted text preview: manalyzed a single solation, ith the ars r i (Camin a response because o+1opulations ack of gene flow fncreasing typically ( opulation included for c ipair of wSolid bmostepresent fishless nd ber o e White i redators. means. ) to the n of included for c t age 1980; fKish chemical t hondt ars withsolation based on the pairwise resented( in ncreasing orderearest p 1ars f DStearns dandomparison. Solid fhe two1987; cues. numare p 0-value significant differencespbetweenPopulationsThe bars in thesee iTable 1means Ehrlich opulationaphniaheaten in She ipresence on tbing representDhe Shownet b of representtatenifference n feeding ifish chemical cues. White t population without fish. graph areo the +1 SE. ber 958; i i the presence of e SE. *nndicates a significant effectreatments. Daphnia isolation based on thebove each 0-value (see That there are snearest f fish chemical Different letters a pairwise bar indicate t able 1) t ignificant are means + 1 iechert d within a eeding i P < 0.05), o*** indicates population without f...
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