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Unformatted text preview: lt; populations 2). Aselay of response to showed highly significant fdecreasesignificantly higher fieeding feeding rate n re- Migration-Selection Balance! GENE FLOW AND INEFFECTIVE ANTIPREDATOR BEHAVIOR No 562 fish Populations with fish ----------Isolation--------> 563 This study is one of only a few empirical investigations a constraint on adaptive evolution. Other studies that demonstrate this phenomenon include Endler B B 240 No Populations with fish A. S(TORFER on conspicuousness oPopulationsPoecilia reticulata). 562 No f guppies ( with fish 1978) AND A. SIH fish AB AB 220 ------------Isolation-----------> acts ntroduce brightly colored males Gene flow apparentlyfish to i---------Isolation-------> 1.50 No Populations with fish 73 100200No Populations wf high p to an area o ith fish fish ------------Isolation----------->from an area of low predation ---------Isolation------->redation, fish 180where they are c100onspicuous to the predators (Endler 1978). 1.50 1.25Sandoval (1994)880 howed that walking sticks, Timema criss 160Ch~ ~~.251 C14 tinae, of two distinct color morphs tended to be less cryptic AC B AB 140 8 80 C1....
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