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Unformatted text preview: ish.means.ars in the graph are means +1al. E. 990;onrepresentrhe1993). Inpopulationn(the two treatments.Shown a S 1 bars Reeding t atesifference intfwo-population studies, differf differences between The b *fish chemicalmffectb(e confounded chemical Different letters above each bar indicate that there are significant bre ighly significant indicates a significant <ffect of fish by other ences aetween + 1 SE. hmeans population pairs e ay P e 0.001). populations withifferences between mhe longest (Fig. 4). These on feeding rates within a population (P < 0.05), *** indicates a d fish survived t eans. sources of variation rather than selective differences or gene 0 the predator-avoidance behaviors m SE results indicate that.05) than without fish (n = 133, x = 1.013, ea- = 0.03; F highly significant fish chemical effect (P < 0.001). flow. In fish did not tshe present reduce its nalyzed rateultiple popcontrast, ignificantly study a feeding m in response 0 lso, sured are related t= 3.82, df = w,13, P redators because popu- significant o sur...
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