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Different letters irom populations without fish

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Unformatted text preview: olated population withoutopulationiwithout f or (n FIG.3. Maximum feeding frates opulations with vish and one p of 1995). f ( each) and p fish a cue in t ive p in the presence f ersus 15).n he presence o i sunfish w w ncluded comFIG.4. Survivalwtith=arison;tthe15 opulationiofnewsolatedfhave tas iaseakest forfish com- fishish chemicaluefish.theheive populations with fish iand absenceopuchemical c n hef ne = imesTihe isolated populationgreen to ish w here com-antipredator lation tudies oin tPopulations are presented in ncreasing opuwithout 1p 5). ithout ncluded his p s expected Previous( without fish. Populations are p withehe n increasing p order constraining t ffects of ogene flow romesponse populationitseith fishto have the wflow from pared for larvae fparison;thisopulationsswapparentlandofne populationpopulations lation genetic and geographic) isolation,resented imost isolated forder of s ishless r five p because of xpected ack o gene eakest antipredator ith means f i SE. Different letters irom populations without fish. Shownware predators. Pts apparentlare presented inindicate order of of pgenetic and geographic)omparison.populationssolated the nu...
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