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Each genera2on on average only about 50 random

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Unformatted text preview: olated populations. Also, waspopulation without fish was negative fcorrelation between sponse to fish chemicals (P < 0.001, Ftig. 3was heost isolated a marginally significant included or comparisonbecause as ). T m two most the fishless hat A. STORFER AND low IH s of gene f A. S a " " Mutation " new alleles " New variants " Gene flow " Evolution " influx of alleles " from other populations " (change in allele frequency) " Genetic drift " Change in frequency" of variants in " next generation" chance changes in allele frequencies " Selection " causal changes " in allele frequencies " Random Genetic Drift: The change in allele frequencies due to chance events or sampling processes Chance effects might include: •  mortality, predation, disease •  failure to mate •  differences in offspring # •  altered allele frequencies in gametes or zygotes Random genetic drift occurs when the unequal contribution to the next genera...
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