Lannoo 2001 us amphibian dist maps

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Unformatted text preview: Selection " causal changes " in allele frequencies " Mutation New variants new genetic variants arise within populations Gene flow Evolution (change in allele frequency) influx of gene variants from other populations changes allele frequency Genetic drift Unequal representation of variants in next generation chance changes Selection causal changes Gene flow: the movement of alleles from one population to another population by movement of individuals or gametes" Migration-Selection Balance! Fish popns Streamside salamander, Ambystoma barbouri Intermediate behaviors (some with fish, some without) From Laura Blackburn, Priya Nanjappa, and Michael J. Lannoo (2001) US Amphibian Dist. Maps (hHp:// No Fish popns Popns with Fish •  Permanent streams •  Strong an2 ­predator behavior •  Low feeding rates Popns Without Fish •  Ephemeral streams •  Weak an...
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