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The isolated and one isolated p fish was ncluded or n

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Unformatted text preview: -----> 100- Ch~ ~~.251 C14 AC C1.00-~~ h~ C14 No fish STORFER AND A. SIH Populations with fish ------------Isolation-----------> salamander, Ambystoma barbouri 8 80 " B AB B AC A " AB A 60- z A A 8 80 z 604 400 4 400 No Fish popns 0.50 - 0.250.25- 20-02 0.00 .00 0 W TPTP RD CR R CD AM MWC C R RRD C M MCD A Population Population 00 T RRD R MCD M W TP P RRD CCR MCD AAM WCC PPopulation opulation FIG. 2. Average tap scores for larvae from the five populations FIG.with fAverage tapeach) and one isolated population wopulations (n FIG.3. Maximum feeding rates in the presence versus absence of 2. ish (n = 15 scores for larvae from the five p ithout fish with fish (n = 15 each) population withoutopulationiwithout ffish com- FIG.3. chemical cuefeeding frates opulations with vish andbsence of fish Maximum in the ive p in the presence f ersus a one popu= 15). The isolated and one isolated p fish was ncluded or (n = 1parison;itsolated population withoutofhave theiweakest antipredatorfish chemical cuefish.the five populations with fish iand one population without in Populations are presented in ncreas...
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