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Unformatted text preview: aeopteryx : A transitional form   teeth   heavy bones   feathers http://2345bgs.homestead.com/ files/archeopteryx.jpg 1. Evidence for behavioral evolution! !! !Change through time! ! !1. Fossil evidence! ! ! !2. Historical observation! --can observe evolution in action! !Phylogenetic distributions! ! !1. Comparisons of close relatives using! ! ! phylogenies (descent with modification)! Ecological trade-off Longer and faster song better mating success Teleogryllus oceanicus (oceanic field cricket) (Simmons and Zuk, 1999) Ormia ochracea (parasitoid fly) Hoy lab photo Teleogryllus oceanicus Ecological trade-off Longer and faster song better mating success BUT Longer and faster song higher parasitism rates (Simmons and Zuk, 1999) http://www.hoylab.cornell.edu/media.html In a period of 5 -10 years, Kauai T. oceanicus population evolved dramatically normal male wing Flatwing mutation in very high frequency on Kauai Flatwing mutation in very low frequency on Oahu flatwing male wing Flatwing mutation no...
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