D the kaloo kacoo call must exactly match the

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Unformatted text preview: arned template of kin call. d) The “kaloo-kacoo” call must exactly match the internal template of the receiver to receive kin benefits. e) Neematodes provide assistance to individuals who they identify as kin. 4. You are trying to determine whether the homestead hamster (Mesocricetus homeonetherange) is eusocial. Which of the following information would NOT help you to come to this conclusion? a) Brothers and sisters of the breeding pair help raise offspring, but don’t breed themselves b) Related individuals in the burrow besides the breeding pair help raise young c) Parents, offspring, aunts and uncles all live in the same burrow d) Individuals are highly related through inbreeding Page 2 of 8 Introduction to Behavior BioNB 2210 5. Exam 2, Oct. 29, 2012 In a game with the following payoff matrix, which strategy is a pure ESS? A 0 3 -1 A B C a) b) c) d) e) 6. B -3 0 2 C 3 -1 0 A B C All three are ESS None are ESS In which of the following games are there two evolutionarily stable strategies? A X Y a) b) c) d) e) X 2 1 B Y 2 3 X Y X 2 4 C Y 2 3 X Y X 2 4 Y 6 3 A B C A and C All three TRUE/FALSE (2 points each) 7. T F Low frequency loon yodels are an are an example of unforced honesty. 8. T F A gene coding for dark fur mutates during meiosis commonly, resulting in offspring possessing light fur. Thus individuals who have received genes for light fur by independent mutation would be considered to have a higher coefficient of relatedness (r) with other individuals possessing light...
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