2004 x laboratory studies exposure to hormones during

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Unformatted text preview: or? OrganizaJonal effects of hormones Males 250 Territory size (m2) % A`ack Stranger 50 40 30 20 10 0 Females 200 150 100 50 0 Two males No males Uterine posi9on Two males No males Uterine posi9on Intrauterine posiJon influences adult behavior Prenatal stress Prenatal exposure to stress alters fetal cort and testosterone Adult offspring: -   Higher cort/longer elevaJon -   More anxious behaviors -   -   -   No change in testosterone Less aggressive Males fail to ejaculate Postnatal stress – or being a good Mom Licking and grooming (LG) Arched- back nursing (ABN) Good maternal care Maternal care Poor maternal care -   High LG- ABN -   Low exposure to cort during criJcal period -   Low LG- ABN -   Greater exposure to cort during criJcal period -   Adult offspring are: -   less anxious -   lower cort -   high LG- ABN mothers -   Adult offspring are: -   more anxious -   higher cort -   low LG- ABN mothers Cross- fostered offspring resemble foster mother Valee et al. 1997; Francis et al. 1999 X Good maternal care Maternal care Poor maternal care X X X X Offspring raised by ‘poor’ mothers have greater DNA methylaJon of GR receptor promoter Fewer GR receptors A greater cort response to stressors Weaver et al. 2004 X Laboratory studies: exposure to hormones during criJcal developmental periods (prenatal and postnatal) can influence adult hormones and behavior Dutch hunger winter X Emmy Andriesse Cas Oorthuys Children prenatally programmed for ‘thriqy’ metabolisms: - Lower birthweight - More obese as adults - Greater risk of heart disease, diabetes Same pa`erns in successive generaJons Can hormone exposure during development ‘match’ offspring phenotype to environment? Increases flight performance in males and fe...
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