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Unformatted text preview: efit (on average) Chirp! Sender Receiver Information + + Response What Information? I am a high quality male ??? Can costs of signaling maintain honesty? 4 Fitness Benefits & Costs What Maintains Honest Signaling? Low Quality SL High Quality Costs can lead to honest signaling IF those costs are affected by individual quality SH Signaling Effort Red-backed Fairy-wren Effects of color •  Females prefer bright males •  Bright males in better condition at molt Possible Costs •  Predation/survival •  Physiological costs? •  Social costs? 5 Willow Lindsay Pg Androgen / ml plasma Total Androgens (pg/ml) Male Type & Androgens at Molt 3000 p < 0.0001 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 26 40 Bright 0 Dull •  Androgens higher in bright males during pre-breeding molt •  Differences persist through breeding (bright > dull > helper) Lindsay et al., 2009 Field Implant Experiment •  1st year, pre-molting, dull birds (Aug - Sept 2007) •  Silastic implants, subcutaneous along spine •  Recaptured 16 days, 45 days (removed implant & pluck feathers), and ±120 days post implant Testosterone (n = 8) Control (n = 9) 6 Plumage Color at 45 Days (Final) T Males Control Males Plumage Color at 120 Days (Post) Day 45: Removed implants & plucked feathers Day 120: New feathers = brown Conclusion: T is necessary & sufficient for bright plumage. Do costs of T explain honesty? Low quality males can’t handle it? Lindsay et al., 2011 7 Thanks! Want to see cool videos and hear cool sounds? Go to: [email protected] 8...
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