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Unformatted text preview: A[4] =  ­4.) printf("b: %d\n", *b); (Print out “b: 10”) printA(A); (Call function printA(), print out “ A={0,2,4, ­2, ­4,10}”) b=&A[1]; /* Z */ ( Let pointer b to point at A[1]) *b=A[2]; (Assign A[2] to A[1]) printf("b: %p\n", b); (print out the address of A[1], which is machine dependent.) printA(A); (Call function printA(), print out “ A={0,4,4, ­2, ­4,10}”) The final lines to be printed out is as below: a: 0 b: 4 b: 6 b:  ­1 A={0,2,4, ­1,8,10} b: 8 A={0,2,4, ­2,8,10} b: 10 A={0,2,4, ­2, ­4,10} b: 0x7fff45b18db4 A={0,4,4, ­2, ­4,10} 5. Answer: The matlab plot is shown as below: a. 145 b. From the matlab plot...
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