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Mattress recycling benchmarking objective is to

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Unformatted text preview: . saving of 35-45%. •  Will save approx. $ 22 700 a year in electricity costs. •  A 2 year simple pay back. Two Residence Inititiatives Recycled cardboard at residence move in. Mattress Recycling Benchmarking Objective is to establish a benchmark for all the buildings on campus. Use it to identify possible improvements and measure the change. Working with Green Globes (building assessment tool) to develop a tool for rating buildings in a campus environment. Will be complete by December, 2009. Benchmarking DRAFT! Benchmarking DRAFT! Benchmarking DRAFT! Benchmarking Examples of potential savings – draft only!! Recycling Program Tune Up Objective is to evaluate the recycling program and maximize the diversion rate on campus. The numbers: •  Total waste 08-09 was 2 225 mt’s •  Diverted 40% through composting and recycling. •  Composted 165 mt’s out of Res Commons. •  Working to add composting to the Unicentre. Recycling Program Tune Up Education and Awareness – Signage and label...
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