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Unformatted text preview: ects to date include: –  –  –  –  –  –  furniture re-use, special waste depots, vending misers, benchmarking, revamp of the recycling program launch of the sustainability site www.carleton.ca/physicalplant/sustainability –  The soon to be Green Team Program Furniture Reuse Objective is to divert unwanted material/ furniture from landfill. •  In 6 months of operation we have diverted a total of 21 mt. •  Avoided landfill costs $2500 •  Generated revenue $3000 ($800 UW) •  $4000 in avoided costs to departments wanting furniture. Special Waste Depots Objective is to divert various special wastes from the landfill. •  Established 4 depots around campus •  More depots will be added. •  Collect batteries, printer toner cartridges and cell phones. •  Bring from home as well. Vending Misers Objective is to reduce the energy used by vending machines on campus. ! •  Working with Dining services, installing misers on 195 machines. •  Avg...
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